YOGA North Hobart ... a space dedicated to the teaching and practice of yoga and meditation.

Yoga is a balanced system of physical, mental & spirtual techniques which have been practiced for over 5000 years.  Our experienced teachers draw from the living wisdom of their yogic traditions, which have been adapted to meet the needs of today.  Our classes aim for the student to be able to integrate this wisdom into their daily lives, from physical wellbeing & stress reduction, to deep insight, inspiration & self-knowledge. 

The teachers at the studio specialise in styles of integral yoga; a wholistic approach to yoga incorporating the practices of postures, pranayama (breathing techniques), relaxation and meditation to nourish the whole being ... body, mind & soul. OM

Living Yoga : Roslyn Alexander (Satyamukhi)       

043 999 5655
Roslyn has studied and practiced yoga since 1977, and was accredited as a level 2 teacher in 1996.  Her class style blends Hatha Yoga and Mahayana Buddhism. Breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques come from both traditions.  She offers yoga classes, corporate on-site workplace courses, and personal consultations in Yoga and Art Therapy. Recently, Roslyn completed her training as an Art Therapist through the Institute of Sensorimotor Art Therapy. Living Yoga offers residential and weekend retreats in Tasmania and internationally.

Vinyasa Flow: Nadine Drew

0410 506990 / Instagram: @omyogahobart

Nadine has been practising different styles of yoga for over 15 years, from Satyananda to Bikram, she practised originally for fitness, but as her practice developed she opened more and more to the deeper level of mindfulness through yoga. Her passion is now for a more flowing Vinyasa style and she recently became a Yoga Australia recognised level 1 teacher. She has a strong focus on correct postural alignment to avoid injury and promotes Yoga to support the many other sports and pursuits that we enjoy. After 10 years in Sydney she is enjoying being back in Tasmania and finding more balance to life.

Nicole Harstead

0409 896 57

Feldenkrais ‘Awareness through movement’ (ATM) classes encourage mindfulness, ease of movement in everyday life, insight into habitual movement patterns and exploration of unique and rewarding ways of moving. Nicole has been teaching movement and dance for 16 years in the College system and was accredited in 2016 with The Feldenkrais Institute of Australia. She has been enjoying teaching ATM classes and workshops around Hobart. Youth Yoga brochure

Jackie Graham

0467 197 499 or 6265 7716

Jackie Graham is a qualified and experienced Yoga and Pilates teacher with extensive training in dance, somatic movement and flower essence therapy. She offers yoga and pilates classes, workshops, individualized sessions and workplace programs. She encourages people to move mindfully with the breath and has a great understanding of how to improve posture with correct alignment and functional movement. Students are encouraged to trust the innate intelligence of their body and their intuitive wisdom. Her work is informed and inspired by her yoga teacher training with internationally renowned yoga teacher Donna Farhi and her study in Therapeutic Yoga with Ganesh Mohan of the Krishnamacharya lineage and more recently her training in contemporary Pilates.

Pema Peony

0431152080 / / instagram and facebook

Pema is a qualified 500hr Purna Yoga Teacher. Pema did her first teacher training in India and then continued her studies in Finland with Indian Yoga Master Aadil Palkhivala who was a close student of BKS Iyengar and had been a student of his from the age of 7.

Her passion is teaching yoga that is safe and effective for students at all levels so they can be supported in their practice and get the most out of their yoga experience. Physically she focuses on alignment and safety so that all abilities and body types are respected and cared for. Pema also believes that yoga goes beyond the physical body and offers time for relaxation and meditation during her classes in order to calm and centre the mind and nervous system.

Courses, events and workshops

Special courses on offer are shown below. In addition, each member runs their own regular classes; please see the "Our Teachers" page.



Studio Schedule 2017

Please contact the relevant teachers before coming to any of these classes

4.30 - 5.15 – Youth Yoga (with Nadine Drew)

4.30 - 5.30 – Feldenkrais (with Nicole Harstead)

11.30 - 1.00 – PRANA Yoga and Pilates (Jackie Graham)
5.45 - 6.45 – Purna Yoga (with Pema Peony)

4.30 - 5.15 – Youth Yoga( with Nadine Drew)
6.15 - 7.30 – Vinyasa Flow (with Nadine Drew)

9.30 - 11.00 – Living Yoga and Sensory Motor Arts meditations (with Roslyn Alexander) – for experienced and practicing students

9.30 - 10.30 – Feldenkrais (with Nicole Harstead)

9.00 - 10.15 – Vinyasa Flow (with Nadine Drew)

Please contact teachers for term dates & enrolment details, and confirmation that the class is currently running, before attending.


YOGA North Hobart is an intimate space, and we keep class sizes at a level at which each student can be acknowledged and observed.  Each class is adapted to the group, building on the skills and practices gained throughout each course.  Students are invited to work at their own level, increasing or reducing the challenge of a practice where appropriate; each student's innate wisdom is respected, and we encourage the development of this inner awareness.

An integrative yoga class will explore the areas of:

  • initial relaxation or meditation - to settle the mind & body before practice
  • asana (yoga postures) - to which the majority of the class is dedicated
  • pranayama (breathing techniques) - to connect with the breath, relax the mind & induce a deeper level of body/mind connection
  • meditation or guided deep relaxation


Please contact the relevant teachers for information about any of the classes. For general questions please phone Roslyn on 439 995 655.

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326 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart.

Closest parking: Burnett St car park or Tasma, Church or Murray Street. 

Studio is located at the rear of the main building of Weeroona House – please walk down the driveway.

About the Studio

The manager of YOGA North Hobart and Weeroona House, North Hobart, is Roslyn Alexander who can be contacted at or by phone at 043 999 5655.

YOGA North Hobart is a dedicated yoga, meditation & healing arts studio situated in the heart of North Hobart. It currently provides a base venue for several teachers with diverse backgrounds in yoga. The studio offers a range of facilities to teachers & practitioners of all traditions for one off workshops, seminars and courses or as a space to establish one's own business.

Studio dimensions:

The studio is approximately 8.5 x 7.5 metres.
It is an intimate space can cater to up to 14 students, although an ideal number allowing maximum student space is around 10-12 students.
The studio has a high ceiling and is flooded with natural light, creating a sense of spaciousness.  The large windows offer a view toward Mt. Wellington.


The studio offers the use of the following:

  • Yoga mats
  • Blanket & cushions
  • Bolsters
  • Kneeling stools
  • Chairs